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Personal Light Anywhere, Anytime™

Beam n Read ® Hands-Free Lights

About ASF Lightware Solutions

ASF Lightware Solutions was founded by Arthur Friedman after a distinguished career as a printing industry engineer and executive. He was been awarded 18 patents for his inventions and designs including patents on the design of the Beam n Read Hands-Free Light and for vision aids. The idea for the Beam n Read Light grew out of his own need for portable lighting. Where many companies simply import products resulting in many me-too products on the market, ASF Lightware Solutions designs its own unique products and holds patents on their design. Co-founder & CKO (Chief Knitting Officer) Cynthia Friedman is an avid knitter in between running company operations and a constant user of her Beam n Read Hands-Free Light for knitting and many other tasks.

"I am an avid knitter (at least 1 hour every day) and I consider my Beam n Read LED 6 as important as the knitting needles themselves. I keep one in my knitting bag and use it whenever and wherever I knit. Even if I am next to a good table lamp, my Beam n Read gives me better and stronger light directly on my work. Visualize a group of knitters or quilters gathered to chat and work--with the Beam n Read each person can have her own good, strong light focused on her work without regard to where table or floor lamps may be." Cynthia Friedman, Co-founder & Chief Knitting Officer, ASF Lightware Solutions

"I have used Beam n Reads for years. I started using the Beam n Read to check on my infant children, change diapers, check on a feeding tube, etc. without needing to turn on the overhead light. When the other children were sleeping I did not want to wake them. Years later, on Halloween it was a big help finding items the kids dropped out of the stroller in the dark shadows. I could keep one hand on the stroller and the other was free to pick stuff up. The kids are older now but one recent night after they were in bed with the room light off, I used a Beam n Read with the red filter attached to apply some ointment to one of the children. When finished I turned the light out and could immediately see in the darkened room. No night blindness that would have occurred if I hadn't put the filter over the bright white light. During the occasional blackout, I can walk around the house with both hands free. I've used it when looking for papers in storage boxes in the unfinished storage space under the house - especially in spaces the overhead light doesn't reach. With the purchase of a Kindle, I became a more active book reader. My wife and I read in bed using our Beam n Reads which evenly lights up our Kindles without adding any weight. The blue-light blocking filters make it easier to relax for sleep. And on cross country flights, it made reading easier and more pleasurable than using the overhead light alone." Bob Friedman, President, ASF Lightware Solutions

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ASF Lightware Solutions
The Personal Portable Lighting Experts
2747 Stuart St, Berkeley, CA 94705 USA

Tel:. Toll Free 800-771-3600 or Intl. 516-868-3918
email: ASF@readinglight.com
URL: http://www.readinglight.com
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Afghan Knitted by Chief Knitting Officer
Afghan knitted by ASF's Cofounder & Chief Knitting Officer

90 Day Product Warranty

This warranty is limited to replacement or repair of the original unit. It is made only to the original purchaser and is effective only within 90 days upon presentation of a provable date of purchase. This limited warranty does not cover defects created by improper usage, including the use of wrong voltage, and does not cover bulbs or parts that become defective due to mishandling. Shipping & Handling not refundable. ASF Lightware Solutions does not authorize third-party sellers on Amazon.com. You must purchase from ASF on Amazon to have warranty coverage on ASF products purchased on Amazon.

CAUTION: Beam N Read® Lights, AA batteries and voltage adapters should be handled only by adults, NOT by children.

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