New Energy Efficient LED Book Light with
Clip-on Filters and Magnifier for Crafts, Home, & Travel


ASF Lightware Solutions ships first hands free led light with night vision filter and clip-on magnifier. Portable light is used for for reading, knitting, quilting, travel, changing diapers, and as an emergency light.

Merrick, NY - Immediate availability of the Beam N Read ® LED 6 Deluxe Hands Free Light, the first portable book light with a night vision filter and hands free magnification was announced by ASF Lightware Solutions. The new energy efficient light has 6 LEDs in a row for an extra wide and bright but still personal light.

The extra wide beam is designed for crafts, especially needlework such as quilting, knitting, and crochet. It lights up personal space anywhere including in a chair, car, plane, or even in bed without disturbing others. The extra bright light is also helpful for aging baby boomers, seniors, and others who benefit from brighter light for reading and other activities.

"Beam N Read's are much more than a book light - worn around the neck they can also be used for reading soft materials like newspapers and for eBook readers like the Amazon Kindle, for knitting, for travel, as an emergency light, and even for diapering a baby at night," said Arthur Friedman, President of ASF. "Uniquely, it fills a need for users of wheelchairs and walkers who need a portable light but require their hands remain free," added Friedman.

Using energy efficient LED lighting technology, standard alkaline batteries in the 6 LED Beam N Read last for 48 hours. Batteries in its sibling model with 3 LEDs last for 120 hours. With longer battery life than a typical book light, the result is a lower cost to operate and fewer batteries in the trash.

The lights have received praise from industry media. Susie Ziegler, Fabric Crafts Specialist for, a leading crafts blog, described the light as, "An item you weren't sure you needed quickly becomes indispensible; Superior to book lights or headlamps", while Terrye Kinch, Knitting Editor at simply called the Beam N Read Lights, "Awesome".

Scott Carmichael, Executive Editor of, the world's top travel blog, said, "In the world of travel gadgets, simpler is usually better - and there is no better example of this than the Beam N Read personal portable LED light." Further reflecting its wide range of uses, Susan Maphis of the highly regarded parenting website,, described the Beam N Read lights as, "The most useful, versatile tool I've found in a while". At the other end of the age spectrum, the National Aging in Place Council ranks the Beam N Read as a 'Top 10 Product Idea'.

The new 'Deluxe' Beam N Read light is the only personal, portable light that includes both clip-on magnifiers and filters. A 4x5 inch clip-on magnifier offers hands free magnification for detail work such as assisting knitters with fixing dropped stitches. A new clip-on red filter maintains night vision when switching between lighted and dark conditions. Additionally included is an orange filter that warms and softens the light.

The new model also includes an improved, twin-buckle neck strap for easier adjustability and redesigned packaging. Optional accessories include an AC power adapter and a DC vehicle power adapter.

About ASF Lightware Solutions

ASF Lightware Solutions ( specializes in personal, portable, lighting and low vision aids distributed through a variety of online and retail stores including needlework specialty stores,, and They can be ordered by phone at 1-800-771-3600. Over 3.6 million Beam N Read Lights have been sold around the world.

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